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"Biosorption Technology"

brochure of BV Sorbex, Inc. summarizes the major aspects of the Company's business plan.

The Company business plan is summarized in a printed brochure.  Most of its contents is available on this web-site.  This summary reflects the corporate ideas and strategies providing the basis of the Company's business.  There have been several detail studies carried out recently that seriously examined the situation in the MARKET that the Company plans to penetrate.  Indeed, the economic edge of the new biosorbents is bound to open even more new market opportunities in effluent clean-up that have remained untapped so far.

All major competition processes and technologies have been carefully evaluated and compared in another extensive study on the COMPETITION, revealing and confirming the competitive advantages of biosorbent technology.   

The sorption operation is capable of removing and isolating specific chemical species from solution and as such it provides a basis for very effective technological applications.  Methodologies developed and established for examining conventional sorption processes can be used to develop and apply biosorption and vice versa.  From this point of view, biosorption could be considered as a well established process with little risk in its exploitation.  Its novelty and edge are in the new biosorbent materials discovered.  During the past 2 decades, their performance has been well established and they are now ready for large-scale exploitation in industrial applications.

 Dr. B. VOLESKY                                                                                                                                                   

Bohumil Volesky is the President and Founder of BV SORBEX, Inc.,  an enterprise focusing on sorption and biosorption technology and its promotion.  He is also a Professor of Chemical Engineering at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, active in areas of Biochemical Engineering and Industrial Water Pollution Control. He has authored or coauthored close to 200 scientific papers and presented many invited lectures at international scientific meetings and seminars or workshops around the world.
He has been providing consulting services to numerous organizations.
Dr. Volesky earned his PhD in Biochemical Engineering at the University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario, Canada.  His research interests are reflected in his earlier books on "Biosorption of Heavy Metals" (1990, CRC Press, Boca Raton, Florida) that he edited, and in a co-authored volume on "Modeling and Optimization of Fermentation Processes" (1992, Elsevier Science Publishers, Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

 NETWORKING  -  international connections                                                                                                              

As opposed to a simplistic "shoe-boutique", the enterprise of BIOSORPTION represents a more sophisticated type of business activity. It involves introduction of a multifaceted technology and pursues its beneficial applications. Although the metal-toxicity basis of it is environmentally driven, the environmental pressures nowadays are high and they are proven not to be subsiding any more. This situation offers a unique opportunity for an enterprise that has something valuable to contribute. And all is multiplied by the undisputable globalization of all aspects - issues, opportunities, business connections and supplies. BV SORBEX, Inc. prides itself of its world-wide scope and connections it established along several different lines concerning both CLIENTS and RESOURCING:

  - Mining companies represent a world-wide clientelle.
- Electroplating industrial clients are mainly concentrated in North America and Europe, China and Japan
- Suppliers of seaweed biomass resource are located e.g. in the Philippines, Thailand, Cuba and Brazil.
  - Large-scale fermentation facilities supplying microbial biomass raw material are in China, India, Russia and in selected countries of Europe and South America.

Publishing an authoritative technical book on "SORPTION & BIOSORPTION"  has established the name and leadership of BV SORBEX, Inc. in the field.
In addition, engineering presentations or half-day and full-day WORKSHOPS are organized at different locations in the world. They are invaluable in developing inroads in the diversified clientelle basis as well as in training manpower. These events are being held upon special arrangements at business or educational institutions, as parts of conference programs or before/after conferences.
The presentations can have emphasis on chemistry, biology or process engineering including the contemporary computer simulation techniques used for sorption processes.  We also explain and demonstrate the power of FEMLAB sorption simulation program for process optimization.

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