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The Company

BV SORBEX, Inc. is a privately owned company established in Montreal, Canada, to commercialize biosorption technology. The extraordinary potential of some natural materials to bind and concentrate heavy metals offers a promise especially in environmental applications.  The Company possesses the unique know-how for the biosorption process.  A family of newly discovered biosorbent materials is derived from selected seaweeds and industrial biomass generated as a by-product of large-scale (pharmaceutical) fermentations.

New biosorbents are very cost-effective in removing (and recovering) heavy metals from contaminated water or industrial effluents.  They can be regenerated for multiple reuse just like ion exchange resins which they outperform in many applications while priced at about 1/10 of what ionex resins are selling for. 

Cheap biosorbent materials can effectively remove toxic metals such as arsenic, lead cadmium or uranium from water as well as concentrate and recover gold.  The application of biosorbents is broad:  from detoxification of water or wastewater to recovery and resale of precious metals.

The Company has a number of new biosorbent products.  It offers the biosorption water purification process and engineering services where metal toxicity is threatening the environment or water supply.  This concerns particularly mining, ore-processing, metal-plating and such industrial operations as well as drinking-water supply.  The process is based on simple flow-through sorption columns that can be easily adapted for many types of different large or small applications.  The clientelle is indeed world-wide. 

In the biosorption process the metals of value can also be recovered for recycle or re-sale.  As the biosorption operation uses simple and common sorption columns, its applications are not only technically feasible but also economically very attractive.  

BV SORBEX, Inc. is looking for clients and partnerships (world-wide) to bring the new technology of metal biosorption to its full commercial potential.  Opportunities for piloting and installations of biosorption water treatment process columns are welcomed for different types of metal toxicity removal in different parts of the world.

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